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Are you a netizen or Discord user who’s curious about Discord IP Resolver? The internet is full of speculation about the use of this tool. You’ll find multiple variations of the truth, leaving you confused and wondering if it works.

That’s why, in this article, we provide details on whether or not it works, how to pull up an IP, and other details on using it ethically. What are you waiting for? Read on to know more.

Does Discord IP Resolver Work? [Is It Legal? When to Use One] - Alvaro Trigo's Blog (1)

Does Discord IP Resolver Work?

Yes, the Discord IP Resolver works, although speculations around the internet state otherwise. This tool enables users to extract the IP address of a user. However, you must tweak some of your Discord account settings to make Discord IP Resolver work.

Aside from Discord IP Resolver, you can also use other IP grabbers for Discord, such as Grabify and IP Logger. But this article will only focus on Discord IP Resolver.

Is Discord IP Resolver Illegal?

No, Discord IP Resolver isn’t illegal. Checking one’s IP address is completely legal as long as it’s not for shady activities. When you visit websites, use apps, or connect through your Internet Service Provider (ISP), they gather your IP address and other personal info.

Individual users can also track your IP address pretty easily. It’s generally okay, as long as their curiosity involves nothing malicious like hacking or social engineering. So, just be mindful of that!

Discord discourages users from trying to dig up someone else’s IP address. If it’s discovered that someone is doing this, there’s a chance they might end up getting banned from the platform.

However, if it’s done properly, it’s quite challenging to determine if another Discord user is using tools to uncover someone’s IP address. So, best to keep things friendly and within the platform’s guidelines.

When Should You Pull Up Someone’s Discord IP Address?

These are the instances when you can pull up someone’s Discord IP address:

  • You Got Their Consent.
    If you have a friend who wants to know their IP address, you can pull it up for them.
  • You Need to Fix Connection or Network-Related Issues.
    Observing your device’s IP address lets you understand network traffic. If there’s an abnormal or heightened flow of traffic to or from your device, it could signal a potential issue, like the presence of malware or an unauthorized intrusion into the network.
  • You Need to Report or Block a Suspicious User.
    An IP address serves as a virtual fingerprint, uniquely marking a device within a network. When reporting a suspicious user, sharing their IP address is crucial for pinpointing the particular device. Find out what happens when you block someone on Discord.

    Does Discord IP Resolver Work? [Is It Legal? When to Use One] - Alvaro Trigo's Blog (2)
  • You Need to Determine a User’s Location for Security.
    Are you afraid of accepting friend requests from people you’re not familiar with? If so, you may want to check their IP addresses before accepting them.

Utilizing the user’s address allows you to uncover details such as their location, ZIP code, area code, and more. This information can help you discern whether someone is genuine or playing games with you.

Another tool you can use to find a Discord user for security purposes is Discord User Finder.

How to Use Discord IP Resolver

These are the steps to use the Discord IP Resolver:

Step 1: On Your Discord App, Turn on the “Developer Mode”

Here are the steps to turn on the “Developer Mode” on Discord:

  • Step 1. Open your Discord app.
  • Step 2. Tap the “Settings” icon.

    It’s at the screen’s bottom-left corner if you’re using a desktop app.

  • Step 3. Go to “Advanced > Developer Mode”.
  • Step 4. Turn on the “Developer Mode”.

Once developer mode is activated, you can copy IDs for servers, members, channels, and messages.

Step 2: Copy the User ID of the User Whose IP Address You Want to Get

Right-click on their profile and select “Copy ID”.

Does Discord IP Resolver Work? [Is It Legal? When to Use One] - Alvaro Trigo's Blog (3)

Step 3: Go to the Discord IP Resolver Website

You may access this on common web browsers.

Does Discord IP Resolver Work? [Is It Legal? When to Use One] - Alvaro Trigo's Blog (4)

Step 4: Paste the Discord User ID on the Website

Step 5: Click the “Resolve” Button

Now you have the IP address of the User ID you pasted.

Does Discord IP Resolver Work? [Is It Legal? When to Use One] - Alvaro Trigo's Blog (5)

Warning: Only use this information for safe and legal purposes.

Should You Worry if Someone Has Your IP Address?

No, you shouldn’t worry if someone has your IP address, but you should be cautious. While it doesn’t grant direct access to your personal information, it can contribute to privacy risks. Combined with other details, it can lead to targeted attacks or doxing.

To mitigate potential risks, it is advisable to employ security measures, use dynamic IP addresses when possible, and be vigilant against malicious links.

Is It Ethical to Use Discord IP Resolver?

Whether or not it is ethical to use Discord IP Resolver will depend on your intention. It is ethical to use it if you’re doing it without malice or to protect yourself from potential harm. However, using it to get information to stalk a user is unethical.

Does Discord IP Resolver Work? [Is It Legal? When to Use One] - Alvaro Trigo's Blog (6)

Ensure your actions comply with the platform’s rules and legal guidelines, and avoid using IP resolvers for unauthorized or harmful activities. Practicing ethical behavior fosters a positive and secure online environment for all users.

Like numerous online platforms, Discord establishes rules and terms of service for users to adhere to. Participating in unethical or harmful activities may lead to consequences imposed by the platform, such as account suspension or banning.

Furthermore, legal repercussions may be incurred depending on the seriousness of the actions and local regulations.

Check Discord’s Privacy Policy for more information on what information they collect on users.

Can a Discord Hacker Get Your IP?

Yes, a Discord hacker can get your IP address. This could occur through different avenues, including direct messaging, voice calls, or participation in voice channels. To safeguard your privacy and security, be cautious and mindful of the information you disclose online.

While it’s highly challenging to determine your IP address from Discord, taking precautionary measures is essential if your IP address becomes known.

Given the significance of your IP address in transmitting data over the internet, if a hacker succeeds in acquiring it, they can gather valuable information about your location and online identity.

In the event of a suspected compromise of your IP address, it is strongly recommended that you adjust your privacy settings promptly. Additionally, it is advisable to ensure that your firewall and router are up-to-date.

It’s worth noting that hackers typically target your ISP’s public IP address, which regularly changes. Consequently, there may not be an immediate cause for alarm. However, considering extra precautions is always a good practice for added security.

Use Discord IP Resolver Ethically

Using the Discord IP Resolver ethically is like being a good online neighbor. It’s about respecting privacy, following the platform’s rules, and ensuring everyone feels safe.

Just as we wouldn’t want someone peeking into our personal stuff, responsibly using tools like IP resolvers helps create a friendly and positive online community.

Participating in any activity that entails the unlawful use of IP addresses is strongly advised against, and individuals should consistently comply with relevant laws and regulations. If there are uncertainties regarding the legality of a particular action, seeking legal advice is recommended.

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Does Discord IP Resolver Work? [Is It Legal? When to Use One] - Alvaro Trigo's Blog (2024)


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