Storm-related school closings and changes for Tuesday. May 21 (2024)

Below is the list of schools closing for Tuesday, May 21 for storm-related reasons.

Power restoration timeline: You can now check your address and get an answer

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Channelview ISD: All schools closed Tuesday

“Please know this decision was not made lightly and several factors were taken into consideration, including visiting each campus to ensure the safety of our facilities.

To support our families, the Channelview ISD Child Nutrition Department will feed children from ages 0-18 years old tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21st at Barrett-Lee Early Childhood Center from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. It’s important to know, we are only able to serve lunch to children.”

Cy-FAIR ISD: All schools and facilities closed in CFISD for Tuesday

“Despite the extraordinary efforts of CenterPoint Energy and our CFISD teams, we still have 16 campuses, 2 transportation centers, and 1 early learning center without power. Additionally, several large communities in the Cy-Fair area continue to be without power, and we know that this presents significant challenges for many of our CFISD staff.

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Friday’s missed school day will not need to be made up due to the inclement weather minutes built into the CFISD school calendar. We will be requesting that TEA grant us a waiver for additional missed days due to the effects of Thursday night’s storm.

Due to the recent storm and widespread power outages our community has experienced, spring 2024 final exams for seniors will be waived. Any senior needing to take the final exam to improve his/her overall average may contact the director of instruction on their campus.

Exams for underclassmen, grades 9-11, will continue as scheduled for Tuesday-Thursday of next week.

Galena Park ISD: All schools and offices remain closed Tuesday

“Since the storm, district leadership and operations teams have closely monitored our campuses and facilities. Our latest operational survey shows that 13 buildings are currently without power, and we do not have an estimate for power restoration.”

All students and employees should remain at home.

Maintenance workers, grounds workers, and custodians should contact their supervisors.

Houston ISD: Most campuses are open. The following 36 will be closed Tuesday:

  1. Barrick Elementary

  2. Benbrook Elementary

  3. Berry Elementary

  4. Black Middle School

  5. Browning Elementary

  6. Burrus Elementary

  7. Cage Elementary

  8. Chrysalis Middle School

  9. Clifton Middle School

  10. DAEP EL

  11. Dogan Elementary

  12. Field Elementary

  13. Forest Brook Middle School

  14. Furr High School

  15. Garden Oaks

  16. Hamilton Middle School

  17. Harper DAEP

  18. Harris RP Elementary

  19. Harvard Elementary

  20. Heights High

  21. Hilliard Elementary

  22. Hogg Middle School

  23. Houston MSTC HS

  24. Janowski Elementary

  25. Marshall Middle School

  26. North Houston EC High School

  27. Northline Elementary

  28. Oak Forest Elementary

  29. Robinson Elementary

  30. Roosevelt Elementary

  31. Scarborough High

  32. Secondary DAEP

  33. Sinclair Elementary

  34. Smith Elementary

  35. Sugar Grove Middle School

  36. White M Elementary

  37. Whittier Elementary

  38. Waltrip High

“If your student’s campus is closed tomorrow, staff will be on hand at the school to distribute light meals to students between 7 and 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Campuses will also provide learning packets for students to complete at home if they are able.


Open campuses will have a relaxed dress code for the next few days as families continue to manage the impacts of the storm.

Families in need of support can visit HISD’s distribution site tomorrow beginning at 9 a.m. at:

  • Youth Development Center Sunrise Center6050 Bretshire Drive, Houston, TX 77061

Staff will have free food and cleaning supplies for up to 500 families.”

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Spring Branch ISD: All schools remain closed in SBISD for Tuesday

“As of this afternoon, roughly a third of our schools and a number of our central facilities remain without power. As many of you may be experiencing in your own homes, power is not always stable. In some cases, power is coming on and then going back off. Our phone service provider also continues to be unstable, preventing inbound and outbound calls from going through. A large number of our staff and families continue to remain without power.”

Staff who should report to work Tuesday:

Grounds, custodial, facilities and planning and construction staff, and technology staff should report as usual. Technology staff should confirm location with their supervisor. School Nutrition Services office staff and managers should await instructions from their supervisor regarding reporting to work Tuesday.

Secondary schools: Final exams are happening as planned when students return to school, but the grades will only be counted if they affect a student’s final grade in a positive way.

Help for families: Check the resources link on the SBISD website if your family needs food, water, or other support.

If you have lost housing or been displaced due to damage to your residence making it unlivable as a result of the last Thursday’s storm, contact your campus to request a Student Residency Questionnaire when school reopens. For additional questions, call 713-251-2495 once the district resumes normal operations.

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We’ll keep updating this page as we get more information from other districts.

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Storm-related school closings and changes for Tuesday. May 21 (2024)


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